COVID-19 Notice on Upcoming Events

The Corona global pandemic has hit all of us hard, disrupting our lives and activities, and the Canadian Society for Quality (CSQ) was no exception. Nevertheless, we’re looking forward to the future as there is always a need for innovation and quality improvement, now more than ever. With that in mind, CSQ is taking this time to rebuild, and to investigate how we can develop programs and services that best serve our members. Please stay tuned for more information.

CSQ is an Endorser of the Lean Certification Program. Lean Certification validates your knowledge of and experience with lean principles. Lean Certification offered by the Lean Certification Alliance — Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME), Shingo Institute, and SME – is a global, industry-recognized professional credential.

Learn more about lean and Lean Certification here.

CSQ Membership

We are now accepting new members for the Canadian Society for Quality. Members get many benefits, such as access to exclusive discounts and the ability to participate in our community, so there’s no shortage of reasons to join. We invite you to click here for details.

Newsletter and Magazine

We’re launching a newsletter and a magazine, and right now we’re looking for great articles and papers to feature.

We’re looking for writers and editors. If you have a paper you’d like to submit, or if you enjoy editing and want to help us out, please contact us. We’re also love to hear about any interesting stories you know, or any fascinating quality related news items you’ve come across that you think more people should know about.