About CSQ

Canadian Society for Quality

For the relentless pursuit of excellence


To be the catalyst organization in Canada that invites quality practitioners, organizations, and associations to pool their collective research and knowledge in the relentless pursuit of performance excellence.


To share quality improvement related research and knowledge with practitioners and to strengthen their understanding of quality tools and techniques and the resulting impact on work processes and organizational excellence.

Core Values

Learn – from one another;
Share – quality tools and techniques;
Celebrate – the positive contribution that quality makes to work processes, organizations, and communities.

Programs and Services

Membership – sign up for membership today!
Publications – complementary quarterly newsletter for members, educational materials;
Annual Conference – annual Canadian Quality Congress held in major cities across Canada;
Research – link to academics and projects at universities, colleges and other major research centers across Canada and around the world;
Advocacy – educate and influence policy and decision makers on the contribution that quality improvement makes to organizations, communities, and to the nation in general.

Value Proposition

Our membership is comprised of quality practitioners across genres such as excellence frameworks, TQM, ISO, lean, and six sigma. These professionals use tools and techniques to improve work processes and overall performance in their organizations.

The Canadian Society for Quality (CSQ) invites all associations and quality practitioners across genres to join in the quest for excellence – to learn, share, and celebrate state-of-the-art research and knowledge that make a difference to work processes and organizations and that can collectively make a difference to communities and the nation.

In doing so, CSQ offers:-
Value for practitioners – members have an opportunity to learn about quality tools and techniques, share experiences, and celebrate successes.
Value for organizations – the synergy of quality professionals, organizations, and associations pooling their research and knowledge sets the stage for quantum leaps in work process improvement and organizational excellence.
Value for community – the link between academia and industry helps validate the impact that quality tools and techniques have on work processes, organizational performance, and productivity.


  1. To offer membership to quality practitioners across the public, private, and non-profit sectors; establishing a collaborative community committed to business excellence;
  2. To deliver programs and services to quality practitioners assisting in their understanding and application of business excellence fundamentals;
  3. To educate policy and decision makers at the local, national and international level about business excellence, contributing to the improvement of organizational performance, productivity, and quality of life;
  4. To cooperate with other national and international organizations having similar goals and objectives, realizing the synergistic benefits of cooperation;
  5. To raise funds to carry out the day-to-day operation of the society, delivering value to quality practitioners, organizations and the community.

CSQ Overview

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the Canadian Society for Quality Inc is Canada’s newly-established, non-profit, membership-based organization that promotes quality improvement and business excellence principles, country-wide, and around the world, in all kinds of public, private and voluntary organizations. It’s goal is to build a competitive infrastructure based on knowledge ecology and a culture of social responsiveness in communities for the betterment of human lives.